Brothers from Fontana who were in foster care are able to overcome challenges, look forward to college | News

Two brothers from Fontana are among more than 300 youth in foster care who are being honored for achieving their goals in high school and now are pursuing post-secondary education.

Jerry Davalos, 18, and Javier Davalos, 19, will be recognized during a virtual celebration hosted by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) on June 21.

The brothers are both slated to attend Chico State University in the fall.

They are first-generation high school graduates who overcame abuse and neglect due to parents’ involvement with gangs and substance use disorder, according to a news release sent by the DCFS.

With the support of his legal guardians, Jerry excelled in school, joined the track and cross country teams and now holds the 2-mile record at his high school. Jerry graduated with a 3.82 grade point average.

“My overall goal is to touch as many kids’ lives as I can, so that I can create a difference in this world,” he said.

Javier also excelled in school and successfully transitioned out of special education classes and graduated with a 3.62 grade point average.

“It’s been a tough, long road, but along the way, I’ve hit many milestones. I am now a different person, thanks to my legal guardians, who have been there for me along the way,” he said.

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