Ballots go through increasing scrutiny as they’re counted on Election Day – San Bernardino Sun

Ballots travel through a series of ever-more-secure checkpoints as they move from San Bernardino County voters’ hands to election officials for counting.

“The security of the election and our ballots is always our priority,” said Stephenie Shea, interim assistant Registrar of Voters, at a media walkthrough on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

Whether cast in person or by mail before or on Election Day, ballots are processed in a vast plant on Rialto Avenue in San Bernardino. The registrar’s staff and machinery are already at work, processing early votes, and will ramp up to a fever pitch when polls close Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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Once ballots arrive at the processing facility, the first stop is a mechanical sorter that speeds bundles of yellow return envelopes into the system. Machines scan the barcodes on each envelope and photograph the signatures on the outside of each envelope.

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