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Sometimes you’re just looking for a change.

Residents of Lordsburg – named by and for Isaac Lord who founded the place – never were very happy about their city name. When Lord died in 1917, residents wasted no time in voting to change the name to today’s La Verne.

More than 25 years earlier, residents of Ontario were called to a meeting by some who felt it was also time to change their city’s name.

Some felt “Ontario” sounded as though it was a colony of Canada, where city founder George Chaffey was born. The city had indeed attracted a number of immigrants from Canada and “many of the former Canadians living in Ontario would be glad to see the change made,” claimed the Sun newspaper on Sept. 28, 1894.

Chaffey and his brother had left town for Australia several years before so they wouldn’t be around to object to the Sept. 29 meeting at Thomas Knoles’ real estate office.

The Ontario Record of Oct. 3 reported that some suggested the city be called San Antonio – for the adjacent mountain, water company and packing house nearby.

Chosen to preside in this meeting was Joseph L. Paul, president of a local bank and well-known businessman. It’s not clear who actually pushed for the name change but it sounded as though Paul was for it. At the meeting, he “told of some advantages that would occur from a change of name,” wrote the Record, though the paper didn’t list them.

When the vote was taken, those in opposition voted “in such a volume that the windows rattled,” ending any chance of a name change, said the Record.

Years later, Paul’s wife Frances Mary was active in building Upland’s first hospital. In the years after her husband’s death in 1911, she donated a sizable amount in his memory to greatly expand the medical facility that still serves so many today.  And perhaps appropriately, the hospital’s name is San Antonio Regional Hospital.


I don’t know which is more unusual in this story – one chicken’s output or that someone spent the time counting it.

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