Amazon Fresh is hiring 1,500 for 6 new ‘Just Walk Out’ stores in Southern California – San Bernardino Sun

Amazon Fresh, like so many other companies, is hiring in Southern California.

The company needs 1,500 employees to staff six new grocery stores opening in the not-too-distant future in Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo, Westlake Village, La Verne, Moorpark and Murrieta.

An Amazon representative declined to say when the stores would open.

The region gained 31,000 jobs overall in December but still lags its pre-pandemic employment by 295,700 positions, according to state data. Retail jobs, however, are above pre-pandemic numbers, which means employers are scrambling to find workers. Southern California counted 744,700 retail workers in December, up 6,300 from February 2020.

Each of Amazon’s new Fresh stores will use technology called “Just Walk Out.” That means Amazon Prime members can walk in, scan a credit card linked to their account, get what they want and walk out, skipping the traditional checkout lane. (Alcohol sales go through a separate process.) The stores are equipped with cameras, weight gauges and scanners that monitor what a customer removes from shelves and puts into their carts.

Customers who are non-Amazon members can use a traditional checkout lane.

The Moorpark and Murrieta stores are the first for Ventura and Riverside counties, respectively.

Amazon Fresh offers much of what traditional grocery stores stock, including produce, meats, pantry goods, household supplies and prepared food such as pizza and sushi. Customers can expect a mix of national brands and Amazon’s store brand.

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