Amazon closing or delaying 9 California warehouses – San Bernardino Sun

Faced with a slowdown in online shopping, Amazon has canceled, closed or delayed the opening of 49 delivery processing facilities across the U.S., representing more than 50.2 million square feet of warehouse space, according to logistics consultant MWPVL International.

Of those, nine facilities are in California — including two in Southern California and five in the Bay Area — accounting for more than 4.4 million square feet of space in the Golden State.

Amazon plans to scale back operations in West Covina, Oceanside, Hayward, San Leandro, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Salinas and Bakersfield, MWPVL figures show.

Despite the cutbacks, Amazon is moving forward with development of several new, fully automated fulfillment centers like the 4.1-million-square foot warehouse now under construction in Ontario, the biggest in the company’s galaxy of delivery processing sites.

Here’s a breakdown of facilities facing cuts, based on a recent MWPVL report:

West Covina: Canceled the opening of a 177,000-square-foot delivery station, due to public protests.

Oceanside: Canceled the opening of a 143,000-square-foot delivery station, due to a failure to obtain a permit.

Hayward: Subleased the opening of a 507,000-square-foot delivery station, due to a failure to obtain a permit.

San Leandro: Subleased two delivery stations, one a 294,000-square-foot facility, the other with 137,000 square feet. Amazon had leased both sites but never opened either one.

Santa Rosa: Canceled a 181,000-square-foot delivery station.

Sonoma: Canceled a 250,000-square-foot delivery station.

Salinas: Canceled a 2.8-million-square-foot fulfillment center due to the high cost of construction.

Bakersfield: The startup of a completed 128,000-square-foot delivery center has been placed on hold.

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