A.B. Miller High School graduate honored as a 2022 Dance Scholar – San Bernardino Sun

Kassandra Hernandez, who graduated this spring from Fontana’s A.B. Miller High School, was one of about 160 high school seniors from across the country honored by the National Honor Society for the Dance Arts as a 2022 Dance Scholar.

Hernandez, who has been dancing for as long as she can remember, was selected for A.B. Miller’s Conservatory of Dance when she was a junior.

In addition to receiving the National Honor Society for the Dance Arts honor, Hernandez received A.B. Miller’s 2022 Artistic Merit award, Dance Star award and Conservatory of Dance Excellence award, according to a news release.

She also received recognition for her work as a visual artist and photographer, with honors from A.B. Miller High School, the Fontana Unified School District and the Arts Education Network for San Bernardino County.

“Kassandra is a great dancer and a special student,” Nicole Robinson, dance teacher and A.B. Miller Conservatory of Dance founder, said in the news release.

“The Conservatory is about more than just dance, it’s about growing as a person, and I’ve had the pleasure to see Kassandra develop her skills in creative and thoughtful ways. Kassandra is a mover and a thinker, someone who can explore dance on a deeper level. I’m so proud of her,” Robinson said.

A.B. Miller began its dance program in 1995, establishing the Conservatory of Dance in 2009 to give advanced students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of dance, while also studying the business of dance and developing critical skills such as advocacy.

“Dance allows me the ability to express myself without using words, which I enjoy,” Hernandez said in the news release. “I was able to advocate on women’s empowerment and self-doubt through dance. My classmate Mercedes Villegas and I collaborated on a project called ‘Divine Feminine,’ which exposes the clichés of what a woman should look, and act like in our society.”

Hernandez will attend Cal State Dominguez Hills, where she plans to study community health.

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