4 arrested after person is shot during Fontana road-rage confrontation – San Bernardino Sun

Four people were arrested on various charges including assault with a deadly weapon on Thursday, Sept. 29, after a shooting during a road-rage attack, Fontana police said.

A shot was fired from one car after someone in another struck the gunman’s car with a baseball bat, police said. The person who was hit was expected to survive.

The encounter began near the junction of the 210 and 215 freeways, police said, between the drivers of a Chevrolet truck and an Audi sedan. The combatants went back and forth at each other, exiting at Cherry Avenue. They made their way into a residential area about 10 a.m. before colliding at Hemlock Avenue and Walnut Street. At some point, the driver of a Ford Mustang — who later turned out to be a friend of the Audi driver — joined in the mix.

“One of the involved (from the Ford) started to strike the windshield and threaten the other driver,” said Sgt. Christian Surgent, a department spokesman. “This person had a firearm and fired one round at the subject with the bat, striking him in the shoulder. He retreated to another vehicle and was driven to the hospital. The shooter stayed on (the) scene.”

The drivers of the Audi and the Ford drove off, police said. Officers chased them until everyone arrived at Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center. Officers then learned that the Ford passenger had been shot.

Police then rounded everyone up for questioning and later arrested them. The two drivers who fled face felony evading charges, Surgent said.

Solorio Elementary School was briefly placed on lockdown.

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