2 teams of bandits committed Riverside home-invasion robberies and burglaries, police chief says – San Bernardino Sun

Two teams of hooded, masked men are responsible for a series of home-invasion robberies and burglaries in affluent areas of the city, Riverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez announced.

“There are multiple suspects involved in each incident and they are using several vehicles that are changed each time, including high-end ones,” Gonzalez wrote in a Facebook post Thursday night, June 2. “In most of these crimes, the suspects have entered through the rear yard area and broke a glass door or window to gain access inside the home, and it’s very likely they are casing the neighborhood prior to committing the burglaries or robberies.”

The men have stolen money, jewelry and safes.

The two groups are separate and are not believed to be working in concert, Ryan Railsback, a Police Department spokesman, said Friday. One group appears to be sticking to burglaries — breaking in when nobody is home.

There have been four robberies and several burglaries, mostly in the Alessandro Heights neighborhood. One person was shot during a robbery and a family was tied up in another. The most recent robbery was on May 17, in the Sycamore Highlands neighborhood. There was a burglary on Sunday in Alessandro Heights.

“So far, none of these crimes have occurred at homes that have dogs,” Gonzalez said.

The chief offered suggestions for protecting your home:

• Make sure your security cameras and alarms are working and not obstructed.• Include a glass-break sensor and motion sensors to your alarm system.• Keep your doors and windows locked, including side gates leading to your backyard.

• Bolt your safe to a steel or cement slab or glue it to the floor. Hide a GPS tracking device in the safe.

• Hide expensive items in inconspicuous places.

• Get to know your neighbors and let them know when you will be away for an extended time.

Police asked that any information or images related to the crimes be emailed to 212.5TF@RiversideCA.gov. Reports of suspicious activity can be phoned to dispatchers at 951-354-2007. For crimes in progress, call 911.

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